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Hi! tq for ur support.. To order, just fill in this form and you will hear from us as soon as we get your order form. :) ...xoxo
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Terms And Conditions


Please take note that we will blacklist all backout buyers.
Please do not RESERVE unless you are CONFIRM on purchasing.
Once RESERVED, you have 48 hours (2 days) to make full payment.
Once you have been blacklisted, we will not entertain your RESERVE request, you are to make full payment immediately if you wish to purchase here. .

2. Please email or sms us for orders. Once confirmed, you may bank-in full payment. And please send us copy of receipt via email or simply give us details of payment thru email or sms.
3. We will reserve the items for 2 days. After which, if we don't hear from you, the item will be opened for sale. Do not reserve until you are sure of purchasing the item.
4. No exchange/ no refunds. Please ask all questions before you decide to buy.
5. Do not order items which are marked "sold."
6. Delivery is next working day after payment received.
7. All item is fixed price. We will not entertain any requests for discounts.
8. We will check the quality of the item before sending it to you.
Thank you.

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